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Christiel Holistic Healing Center Welcomes you to our center.


We support a Life of Balance, Peace, and Harmony, for Body Mind, Spirit, and Soul.   Look around as begin your healing journey with us. We are dedicated to supporting you in your life’s journey.

We are your support for self-healing, Health & Wellness, healing essentials, and life coaching. We coach adults in the professional world to help prevent or recover from burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety, and depression. We are contracted currently to provide coaching to High School Students (unable to provide school name).


Our specialties include:

1. Health & Wellness Coaching

2. Life Coaching

3. Health Consultant,

4. Group Coaching

5. Social/ Community Events

6. Reiki (Self & Education)

7. Free Assessments

8. Life Reports

9. Personality Test

10. Intuitive Scans


The goal is to be a resource for holistic health and wellness. Clients come to this site to register for classes and events when applicable and refer to my blog page. We provide 1:1 coaching, group coaching, sell healing essentials, and much more.



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Why Us?  Our Mission!

Mission: For all individuals to realize their purpose and awaken to live their life journey.

Vision: To assist and promote wellness, and provide services & resources for self-healing for all nationally and internationally.

Values: God (Higher Power), Love, Life, Family, Empathy, Holistic Health & Wellness

Why choose us: We have chosen each other. I hope in my practice as a Holistic Health & Wellness Provider that I can help you in your Life Journey. This is not to say there won’t be bad days. This is to say that during those bad days, we won’t give up, we will take care of ourselves and focus on the positive in any given situation. We won’t beat ourselves up when we mess up, and we will forgive ourselves and others for mistakes. We are here to empower you to reach limitless goals and any obstacles.


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We currently have coaching sessions available, and our online store is open.


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